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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Logitech Webcam Pro 9000 - running under Ubuntu 11.04 Linux

This is my Logitech Webcam Pro 9000:

As UVC-compliant it should be working under Ubuntu 11.04 right out of the box.

In a terminal lsusb is giving back:

Bus 002 Device 004: ID 046d:0809 Logitech, Inc. Webcam Pro 9000

You can also find the camera in the /dev/v4l folder.

To see if the camera is working properly I am using guvcview.

Download and install the GTK+ UVC Viewer (guvcview) with:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:pj-assis/ppa

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install guvcview

This will install the packages guvcview, libwebcam0, uvcdynctrl and uvcdynctrl-data to your system.

Starting guvcview will show you that the camera is working, but not all controls are available:

For example AutoFocus and focus controls are missing. So there should be a way to use the built-in AutoFocus (with Carl Zeiss lens system!).

What we need is a valid configuration-file from the quickcamteam. The file is named logitech.xml.

Download the file in a terminal with:


install the configuration file with

sudo uvcdynctrl -i logitech.xml

Restart guvcview:

AutoFocus and focus adjustment is now fully operational.

If you need the camera controls in different program start guvcview --control_only from a terminal. I you do not like the guvcview control panel you can either use V4L2UCP, which is available thru Ubuntu Software Center.

This should work with the older Logitech Quickcam Pro 9000 as well. Its hardware is quite similar.

ATTENTION: It appears that the Quickcamteam website is down at the moment and logitech.xml cannot be downloaded at the moment. Please look here to download the file, if you need it.


  1. Hi
    Thank you for posting how to get Logitech Webcam Pro 900 to work in Linux. First stage works perfectly, but I can't connect to the Quickcamteam website to download logitech.xml to complete - just endless timeouts. Any suggestions?

  2. Hey,
    thanks for the how-to, really appreciating your help. But like Rolan3d said I cant connect to quickcamteam website at all whether I use browser or terminal, its not working. Can you make the logitech.xml available some other way? I bought the cam because of autofocus and I dont wanna miss it now.
    Thank you very much!

  3. Quickcamteam's website seems to be down. Hope it well be back soon.

  4. This mostly worked for me under fedora 14, however I got numerous errors related to Tilt, LED1 and Pan when importing the xml file.

    The AutoFocus however is enabled.

    Did you experience any errors and if so how did you resolve them?

    Thanks for the HowTo.

    1. Yes, there are some error messages. In my case this was because the uvcdynctrl is installed to any camera device in the system. I assumed the errors came from the built in webcam of my notebook. Everything is running fine on my Logitech 9000.

  5. Hey there,

    Thanks for blogging your instructions. As mentioned before, I can't get the Logitech.xml file. And I am trying to get my webcam to autofocus for an engineering project. Any way you can share it with me, please?


  6. Hi there

    First I have to tell you that I am really a newbie in Linux.
    So what I want is to set all the camera settings of the Quickcam by using the V4L2UVC library. So everything is working except the focus setting. I am wondering if and how I can use this logitech.xml file where it seems that this focus command (V4L2_CID_FOCUS) is defined..?

    Thanks a lot for your help.

    1. Hey all

      Previous poster - Stefan, this should help you.
      Just a heads up for anyone having issues getting the additional control to be available under guvcview.
      Run this command:
      "sudo guvcview -a -d video0"
      The -a switch will scan for all available settings for your camera. The -d switch is only used in cases of multiple cameras; I have an integrated one and a quickcam pro so had to use "video1" instead. I hope that this helps you guys.

      From Stefan

  7. hi there , great post thanks for this , I am new bee here , i got Ubuntu 13.04, was able to install except
    sudo uvcdynctrl -i logitech.xml, stuck with

    [libwebcam] Unknown V4L2 private control ID encountered: 0x0A046D04 (V4L2_CID_PRIVATE_BASE + 33844484)
    Importing dynamic controls from file logitech.xml.
    logitech.xml: error: video0: unable to map 'Focus' control. ioctl(UVCIOC_CTRL_MAP) failed with return value -1 (error 17: File exists)
    logitech.xml: error: video0: unable to map 'LED1 Mode' control. ioctl(UVCIOC_CTRL_MAP) failed with return value -1 (error 17: File exists)
    logitech.xml: error: video0: unable to map 'LED1 Frequency' control. ioctl(UVCIOC_CTRL_MAP) failed with return value -1 (error 17: File exists)
    logitech.xml: error: video0: unable to map 'Disable video processing' control. ioctl(UVCIOC_CTRL_MAP) failed with return value -1 (error 17: File exists)
    logitech.xml: error: video0: unable to map 'Raw bits per pixel' control. ioctl(UVCIOC_CTRL_MAP) failed with return value -1 (error 17: File exists)

    also, Skype is able to recognize Video [UVC], but not Audio

    please help me with this

    thanks in advance,

  8. yr 2020
    latest Ubuntu 20.04
    any updates i need to know about please for my webcam pro 9000
    Cheers Helena