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Monday, July 25, 2011

LEGO Sports NBA - Sets 3427, 3549, 3562, 3563 and 3564

The Lego Basketball theme was licensed by the NBA in 2003. There were 27 Basketball sets released.
The minifigures in this theme had a special design. There are little springs in the legs, their larger arms and hands make it possible to shoot balls.
In 2011 (8 years after the release) these are really hard to find sets.

 3562 NBA Collectors #3
-Gary Payton
-Dirk Nowitzki
-Vince Carter

3563 NBA Collectors #4
-Toni Kukoc
-Jason Kidd
-Kobe Bryant

3564 NBA Collectors #5
-Allen Iverson
-Steve Francis
-Karl Malone

3427 NBA Slam Dunk
The set contains a minifigure, a basketball hoop and a skateboard. 

3549 NBA Practice Shooting