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Monday, September 26, 2011

Ubuntu 11.04 Linux: Ebay listing tool! jAOLT - Turbo Lister Alternative?

The Java Auction Organisation and Listing Tool (jAOLT) allows the users to create and organize their auctions for eBay, AuVito and Hood offline as well as list the created auctions without using a website. 

The "normal" way to install the software via the developer's ppa with
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:handschuh/ppa
sudo apt-get install jaolt
DOES NOT WORK! (Could not find package 'jaolt')

But there is a downloadable .deb package of jAOLT, you can get it here!

After downloading the .deb file (jaolt_0.6.7.1-1107_all.deb)
it can be installed by opening it with ubuntu software center.

Then it seems to work, but it DOES NOT. To use jAOLT with ebay it is neccessary to obtain a token from ebay. Otherwise you cannot properly add an ebay account to jAOLT.

How to obtain a token for ebay? (developer's wiki)
Go to the official ebay developer page at and create an account if you can agree the API license agreement (at the current time, you cannot delete this account)
  1. Do NOT perform a "Compatible Application Check"
  2. Go into "My Account"
  3. Create the production keys
  4. Select the "application settings" tab in the "My Account" area
  5. Select the "Production" environment and your keyset
  6. Select "User Tokens" and generate your Token
Follow each step and jAOLT will work. After getting used to its "unique" user experience it is a really an open source and free alternative to ebay's turbolister.

ATTENTION: It is not exactly an offline-tool. It does not work properly without internet connection.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Vienna's oldest rollercoaster - Gnome Coaster ("Zwergalbahn")

A ride on Vienna's oldest roller coaster is an absolute must for visitors to the Prater -- the nostalgic classic among the attractions is still a highlight for young and old.

On this journey over mountains and valleys, passengers are speeding through rocky landscapes, dark grottos and pass villages and rivers. The elfish garden gnomes placed along the track give the rollercoaster its second name: the "Gnome Coaster".

Besides the entertaining course, it is the charming settings that make this ride an experience for the entire family, while roller coaster fans appreciate it for its historical significance.